Tulsa Welding School 06-29-19

Slater was at the open house for the Tulsa Welding School on 11th and Atlantis giving away concert tickets, T shirts, and gift cards!

Philbrook Museum of Art 06-28-19

Josh and Chuck were hanging out at Philbrook Museum of Art giving away tickets to Young the Giant!

Cabin Boys Brewery 6-15-19

Josh and Chuck were hanging out at Cabin Boys Brewery for the release of the new Edge Pilsner.

Cinergy Entertainment 06-15-19

Slater was hanging out at Cinergy Entertainment, having a blast, and having people sign up for a chance to win tickets to Summerfest 2019!

Car-Mart Claremore 6-14-19

Speedbump was in Claremore at Car-Mart for the Customer Appreciation Day giving away Bad Suns tickets.

Gathering Place 5-4-19

Chuck was hanging out at Gathering Place. It was a beautiful day as many bands performed!!

Harden's Hamburgers 4-20-19

Josh was hanging out at Harden's Hamburgers giving away concert tickets to upcoming concerts!

Car-Mart 04-12-19

Car Mart 3-22-19

Slater hanging out in Bixby at Car Mart giving away tickets to Weezer, Pixies, and more!