Tokyo OK. 7-15-23

The Edge was hanging out at Tokyo OK Oklahoma's Largest Anime, Japanese and Pop Culture Festival.

Patriot CDJR of Tulsa

Chuck from the Morning Edge hanging out at Patriot CDJR of Tulsa signing you up to go to Rocklahoma

Low Dough Birthday Show 7-2-23

The Edge was out at Cain's Ballroom for our Low Dough Birthday Show featuring Little Image, Colony House, and Lovelytheband.

Dragon Lily 6-30-23

Josh and Chuck hanging out at Dragon Lily for their One Day Sale for July 4th.

Bastille 6-11-23

Bastille with Josh Fudge at Cain's Ballroom on 6-11-2023

Cabin Boys Edge Summer Brew Release Party 6-3-23

The Edge Summer Brew From Cabin Boys release party. The new Wheel of Fun were listeners could spin to win a bunch of prizes.

They Might Be Giants at Cain's 5-18-23

They Might Be Giants at Cain's Ballroom for a sold out show

Bright Eye on 5-14-23

Bright Eyes with Cursive & Neva Dinova at Cain's Ballroom on May, 14th 2023.

Wireless World Bixby 5-13-23

Josh was out at Wireless World in Bixby signing you up for the Ipad A Day In May.

Med Pharm Glenpool 5-6-23

Slater at Med Pharm's new location in Glenpool for Ipad a Day in May.

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