Grant Of Rights for Photos

Thank you for sharing your photos with us. Our intent is to allow our community to share photos to build a more robust and accurate archive of our events and in some cases, allow listeners to participate in promotions or contests.

By uploading a photo to our website or app:

I agree that the photos I am sharing are owned solely by me and I have the right to share them.
I agree to allow the station use my photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, other social media or photo album platforms and on all station-owned websites.
I authorize the station to edit, alter, combine or distribute photos for social media, advertising or marketing.
I agree that I will not receive any compensation for usage of my photos.
I agree that by uploading an image, I release all liability of station in regard to copyright claims on each photo.
If you wish to request removal of a photo, or believe a photo has been uploaded that you actually own, you may contact us to request removal.

This station is not responsible for user-submitted content.