Jim’s Coney Island “Coney Bowl” Eating Contest Official Rules

 “Coney Bowl” Eating Contest Official Rules

 1. Coney (Coney Bowl) competition is open to amateur eaters 18 years of age or older. Professional competitive eaters are ineligible. Previous 1st place winners of contest are ineligible.

2. Any competitor with a health problem or serious ailment may not compete in the contest.

3. Competitors may eat sitting down or standing up in the designated area. Any contestant leaving the designated area during the contest will be disqualified.

4. Competitors may not make physical contact with any other competitor at any time. Any competitor who deliberately makes contact with another competitor will be disqualified.

5. If a competitor vomits or regurgitates at any time during the competition or during the time period the Coney count is being tallied, he or she will be disqualified.

6. The use of utensils is not allowed.

7. In the event of a tie between competitors, there will be a 60 second “run off” to determine the winner.

8. Separating the Coney and bun is permitted.

9. Dunking and crunching the Coney and bun is permitted.

10. Partially eaten Coney’s will not be counted except in the case of a tie.

11. If contingencies or disputes arise at the contest before, during or after, that are not explicitly covered by these official rules, the Executive Judge’s decision will stand with the same finality as the rules.

12. Contestants may not touch the Coney’s until the starting signal.

13. Only entire eaten Coney’s will be counted (including buns).

14. Contestants will be given Four (4) minutes to eat as many Coney’s as provided.

15. Contestants will be provided water during the contest. Only water can be used, no other beverages.

16. When the 4 minute time limit is up, contestant’s may not put any additional Coney’s or buns in their mouths. Contestants will be given 30 seconds to swallow what is in their mouths. Any contents left in contestant’s mouths at the end of the 30 seconds will not be counted.

17. Contestants must be checked in between 11am and 12pm on 2/5/18 at the KMYZ booth at River Spirit Expo at Expo Square.

18. Contestants will qualify by listening to Z104.5 the Edge from 1/29/18-2/2/18 during the hours of 6a-3pm. On-Air DJ’s will qualify winners via random contesting.

19. The contestant who eats the most Coney Dogs in 4 minutes wins a new 50” TV.

20. Winner agrees to pay all applicable taxes on prize.

21. All rules subject to change without notice.