Castle Muskogee Renaissance Festival

28th Annual

Castle Muskogee – Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

April 27th – June 2nd

The Castle invites one and all to join the festivities of the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival! Step back into 1569 England to experience the royal quest for knighthood, a full-contact Jousting Tournament, Birds of Prey exhibitions, and traveling Acrobats! Her Majesty will declare a theme to honor the visiting Kings each weekend.

We look forward to celebrating the joyous return of the festival this upcoming spring. The Castle has updated protocols to ensure your safety, so that we may convene and commence in merriment again. HUZZAH!

Imperial Weekend

May 25th – 27th

Guten Tag! We raise our steins and prepare for the arrival of his Imperial Majesty Charles II. This is the festival’s three-day celebration over Memorial Day Weekend.  Monday is the Memorial Day Parade, an event not to be missed. In honor of those who have fallen, this is a festival staple that provides a day of reverence in honor of our soldiers. 

Spice Roads Weekend

June 1st -2nd

 Her Royal Majesty shall welcome Emperor Sarsa Dengel to the festival grounds. He introduced the world to the Spice Roads and opened trade between the East and West. His alliance would mean wealth, commerce, and opportunities further West. In honor of his visit, we encourage breaking tradition and celebrating our closing weekend in a big way! 

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 Hours of Operation:

10:30 am – 6:00 pm Sat & Sun


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