Robin Williams (1951-2014)
Of course, the man, the myth, the legend, the passing of Robin Williams at 63. Huge loss for just about everyone I know. I even made the kids sit down and watch ‘Popeye’ & ‘Jumanji’ in the last month. They loved them both. That tells you a lot about the man that I can remember from my own childhood such amazing & fun memories, & my kids can enjoy the same movies 20 years later. He was like a family member & will be sorely missed. Quick memory….I can remember being a 15 year old kid who just lost his dad 3 months before. I was home sick from school by myself. ‘Awakenings’ came on tv. I had not grieved properly for my dad’s loss & I realized that 5 minutes into it, because I started bawling uncontrollably to this awesome & heartbreaking film. For the entire movie, I cried & by the end, felt much better about all of it. My loss. The world. Everything. So thank you for helping me in my own life Robin, you will always be remembered by me with fond & extremely happy memories. RIP Robin Williams.

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