Home Groan 530

Edge Home Groan is our local music show hosted by Davit Souders and features music from Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma. Beginning in 1995, the show is Oklahoma’s longest running local music radio show. If you have a up and coming band that you think belongs on Edge Home Groan, send your CD’s to:

Davit Souders/Home Groan


2448 E. 81st Street  55th Floor

Tulsa, Ok. 74137

Or you can email mp3’s to davit@edgetulsa.com. You can also contact Davit Souders through the official Home Groan Facebook page at Facebook.com/Z104.5homegroan.

Last Sunday’s Show
Sun. Nov 23, 2014

Summit- Quit

Callupsie- Sugar & Liquor

The Tandems- Fall Apart

Even The Dogs- Personal Hell
Even the Dogs- Down in Flames
Chaotic Resemblance- Invade

Static- Set- Finger On The Button

The House Of Jed- Everybody Lies

Red Dirt Rangers- Where The Arkansas River Leaves Oklahoma

Red Dirt Rangers- Heaven And Hell

Far From Sanity- Thirst

Far From Sanity- You Can’t Break Me

White Collar Sideshow- Black Heart Hearse

The Wright Brothers- Awakening (On The Edge Of The World)

Anthony Lookout- Never Love Again

Phil Marshall- Georgia

FM Pilots- With You

Daydream Empire- Out Loud

M. Crane- Who Would Kill It

Sleepwalking Home- Army Of Skin

All About A Bubble- The Sailor, The Captain

Nuns- Resurrect This Pawn

Kids In The Street- Everything About You

The Capital Why’s- Breathe Operator