Car Mart 8-18-18

On Saturday we hung out at the Car Mart in Bartlesville and had people sign up for WWE SmackDown and Dawes tickets! Cheer Empire was also having a car wash next to us!

Buckaneer Bar 8-16-18

Slater was at Buckaneer Bar promoting our Edge Pale Ale and giving out WWE Smackdown and Blue October tickets!

Stillhouse Bar and Grill 8-9-18

Josh was hanging out at Stillhouse Bar and Grill promoting the Edge Pale Ale. We were also signing people up to win tickets to the Edge's Halloween Haunt.

Prairie Brewpub 8-5-18

Chuck hanging out at Prairie Brewpub giving away tickets to Panic! At the Disco

Car Mart 8-3-18

Chuck hanging out at the Car Mart in Pryor for their Grand Opening giving away tickets to Panic! At the Disco

Bounty Lounge 8-2-18

Chuck was giving away Panic at the Disco tickets and Edge shirts at Bounty Lounge! We were also promoting our Edge Pale Ale.

Prairie Brewpub Imagine Dragons Pre-Party 8-1-18

Josh was giving away Imagine Dragons tickets, shirts, and more at Prairie Brewpub!

Daisy Exchange 7-28-18

Chuck was at Daisy Exchange signing up people to win a trip to the Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas.

Philbrook Museum 6-27-18

Josh & Chuck hanging out at the Philbrook to promote their Film on a Lawn!

Jameson's Pub 7-26-18

Josh was hanging out at Jameson's Pub in Broken Arrow promoting the new Edge Pale Ale. We gave away tickets to Band of Horses, Dawes, Ghostland Observatory, and Blues Traveler.