Daisy Exchange 7/15/17

Josh was live at Daisy Exchange for our listeners' last chance to win a trip to Lollapalooza, brought to you by 104.5 The Edge and our pals at Daisy Exchange.

Car Mart 6-16-17

Chuck hanging at Car Mart in celebration of Car Mart's Customer Appreciation Cookout!

Warehouse Market 6-10-17

Chuck hanging out at Warehouse Market giving away tickets to a private screening of Transformers. Thanks to Crush!

Crush Cox CashSavers 6-3-17

Great Time was had a Cox CashSavers

Xtreme Racing 6-1-17

Josh and Chuck hanging at Xtreme Racing giving away tickets to go see Bush and Modest Mouse and a chance to win a free game of Zombie Survival, the new Virtual Reality game at Xtreme Racing

Dr. Pepper @Walmart 81st & Lewis 5-28-17

Chuck hanging with Wonder Woman giving away private movie screening passes! Thanks to Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper @Walmart Glenpool 5-28-17

Chuck hanging with Wonder Woman giving away tickets to the private movie screening.