Born in the Jimmy Buffett/Ernest Hemingway/old people capital of the world, Key West, Florida back in 1976 (bicentennial baby suckas!)

Transplanted to the ‘Center of the Universe’, ha, the Broken Arrow suburbs at age 6 or so. That’s when the magic began….I became a mouthy kid who grew up to be…a mouthy DJ.

I have 5 kids & a GORGEOUS wife whom I adore more than full body Pj’s (yes even the kind with the slick feet)

I love to jog/run/bike/kickbox/lift weights/fish/hit the park and chase & scare ducks…essentially whatever to keep healthy, outdoors & stay in shape.

LOVE almost all sports with a passion, minus badminton. New technology & Netflix junkie. Love movies & mostly comedy shows. Parks & Recreation, Arrested Development, Game of Thrones, Mad Men & re-runs of Frasier.

Food is amazing…seafood, beer, bread, sushi, meat & candy are the best, but not particularly in that order.

You can catch me waking you up & distracting you with nonsense on the Morning Edge with Chuck 6a to 10a weekday mornings.


-Everything you can possibly imagine. I have a 5 kids whom consume everything in their path & enjoy most things other little kids enjoy. Toys, video games, board games, reading, writing & ‘rithmetic, going out to eat, trying anything new as long as there is an adventure involved.

I love life & try to live it to the fullest. I love spending time with my beautiful wife & family, I am very personable & passionate & love to make people around me laugh & happy.