Alicia Tyler
Education:  I have a Bachelors in Communication with a discipline in Broadcasting and a minor in Theatre.  What that means is I wasAlicia-Main-Picture_300 trying to avoid growing up at all costs! lol.  It worked.
Work History:  I’ve been working in radio now since college.  I’ve been on radio stations in Vermont, New York, California, Seattle, and now Tulsa.
My favorite pastimes:  I love love love music.  That’s why I got into radio.  Playing music and talking about it is the best job ever.  I also get to talk about my second passion which is movies.  I see everything; even the really dumb stuff. I’ve been watching “Soroity Boys” on repeat all week.  I can’t stop!!! lol
My favorite concerts of all time:  This isn’t in order but…..Rob Zombie, Rolling Stones, U2, The Black Keys, Muse, Velvet Revolver, No Doubt, Bush, and Aerosmith.
If you were stranded on a desert island who would you want with you?  My boyfriend, of course.  But if he were busy I’d take Tom Hardy.